Saturday, 18 June 2011

London Expo - May 2011

I'm glad to report that London Expo May 2011 was a roaring success! Initially a group of us decided we would drop by and take a look on Saturday, but due to shitty weather and general laziness we decided to take a rain check. Eventually, on Sunday, we did manage to pry ourselves away from Halo Reach long enough to check out sixteen year olds in tight, revealing costumes.

The sun came out and once we were six beers deep we actually managed to have a great time. We even managed to rope some of the hotties above into skipping. Bouncing, heaving breasts, beer, sun - all in all it was a memorable day.

Besides that we boarded the stage in the middle of some violinists playing their version of the opening to Ghost in the Shell SAC before jumping into the crowd.

Yeah, it pretty much ended like this...

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