Friday, 22 October 2010

Snaga The Sender. The Blades of No Return

A few posts back I did a review of Legend by David Gemmell. The main character, Druss, also known as Deathwalker, is a legend among the Drenai people.
I have idolised Druss since I was twelve, so when I discovered that Raven Armoury has been producing their own versions of Snaga, Druss' demon posessed battle-axe, I lost my freakin' mind. I had to have one! Heres a picture of one they have on their website

You have to commission Raven Armoury's works of art. Each one is custom made to your own specifications and no two will be exactly alike. I've been in contact with the creator since I saw it, and had my own Snaga commissioned, which was just over a year ago now. Its not cheap, but if you're a fan of weapons or a fan of Druss - I happen to be both - then you'll find it hard to pass this beauty by.

Its totally hand made, which is why it takes over a year for it to be finished, from spring Damascus steel. The handles are bound in black calf skin and the runes in the middle are inlaid with silver. The coolest thing about this is that the guy who makes them ensures the blades sharpness by shaving his forearm hair with it.

I'm hoping mine will be complete by march 2011. Once it is, you can be sure I'm going to put a load of pictures up.

Check out Raven Armoury if you're into quality made weapons by a real weaponsmith.